Fawlty Towers no more! hotel.info reveals best and worst of hotel service

Sheffield tops list for UK hotel service – Torquay makes top 5 list for the first time – In comparison with mainland Europe, the UK has a lot of catching up to do

(London – 08 March 2013) From rats in the restaurant to cream being poured over a guest’s head, Fawlty Towers gave Torquay a less-than-positive image, as far as hotel stays go. However, nearly 40 years have passed since the ‘English Riviera’ was last in the hotel limelight, and the latest Service Quality Survey compiled by online reservation service hotel.info has revealed that the British seaside favourite actually makes it into fifth position for service levels nationally.

Top 25 UK Cities for Service

The survey analysed the post-stay reviews of over 25,700 hotel guests to reveal the best and worst service levels across the UK based on friendliness and staff competence. Sheffield tops the UK list, with an average service rating of 8.46, followed by Norwich (8.39), Leeds (8.29), York (8.24) and Torquay (8.21) who make up the rest of the top five. Of the UK capital cities, London scored worst, with an average rating of just 7.36, compared with Belfast (8.17), Edinburgh (8) and Cardiff (7.89).

The top 20 countries in Europe - friendliness and competence of the hotel personnel


Top quality service in hotels in Finland!
In the European comparison between countries Finland and Germany came top with 8.36 points each. Overnight guests showed themselves to be particularly satisfied with the friendliness and competence of the hotel staff. The alpine country of Austria also earned praise for its good level of service quality. Portugal was in the centre of the country listing whereas Spain with an average of 7.93 points was in 18th place.

The Netherlands with only 7.82 points came bottom of the list of the European top 20. Even more room for improvement amongst hotel personnel was identified in Russia (7.69), Denmark (7.68) and the United Kingdom (7.56).

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