1.700 new top hotels – hotel investors focus on Asia – TOPHOTELPROJECTS: new Six Senses luxury resorts arise in Vietnam

(Hamburg, Germany – 18 March 2013) Asia is ahead by a nose: with more than 1,700 hotel construction projects the hotel investors’ focus is on the Far East. The billions of investment are mainly going to China – currently there are more than 520 new hotels under construction in the Middle Kingdom – in India there more than 295 new hotels planned. This data has been revealed by a study of TOPHOTELPROJECTS (www.tophotelprojects.com), the worldwide leading provider of global b2b hotel data.

In Japan there are 13 new top hotels in the pipeline – besides the high saturation of the hotel market. The largest hotel project with 376 rooms is the Marriott Hotel in Osaka, which is supposed to open in spring 2014. With 346 rooms a new Hilton Hotel arises on Okinawa; opening is expected for early 2014. Further outstanding hotel projects in Japan are the Ritz-Carlton in Osaka (136 rooms / opening May 2014) and a stylistic Andaz Hotel in Tokio (164 rooms/ opening early 2014). But there is also removal: the former Grand Prince Hotel Akasaha in the centrum of Japans capital will be torn down. This removal will not proceed as usually by a wrecking ball but with a new technique, removing floor by floor. The once 40 floor high hotel tower is already shrunk by the half. The area should then house a new skyscraper, certainly including a hotel.

Six Senses Latitude Saigon River – the luxury resort will open late 2013

Six Senses Latitude Saigon River – the luxury resort will open late 2013

Vietnam is an international hospitality hot spot. A lot of outstanding resorts already exist in this paradisiacal surrounding – and there always arise new ones. One outstanding project is the Six Sense Resort Latitude Saigon River. The eco resort comprises 150 rooms and villas and will open its doors late 2013. A further Six Senses luxury resort currently arises in Phu Quoc/Vietnam. The 136 suites property will open in April.

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