Top 3 hotel chains to build more and more hotels

TOPHOTELPROJECTS: global market leader InterContinental Hotels Group builds 200 new hotels – top 3 hotel chains IHG, Hilton and Marriott have more than 164.00 new rooms in the pipeline

Hamburg, Germany – 10 April 2013 – The worldwide three largest hotel chains InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG), Hilton and Marriott continue to expand strongly: in total the “Top 3” will open more than 700 new hotels with 164.000 hotel rooms within the coming years. This data has been revealed by TOPHOTELPROJECTS (, the worldwide leading provider of global b2b hotel data.

Hotel - Photo: Brian Jackson,

Overview of the top 3 hotel chains

No.1 – InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
Operating hotels: 4,602 – operating hotel rooms: 675,982
Hotels under construction: 208 – hotel rooms under construction: 44.954

No.2 – Hilton Hotels
Operating hotels: 3,992 – operating hotel rooms: 652,378
Hotels under construction: 249 – hotel rooms under construction: 53,703

No.3 – Marriott International
Operating hotels: 3,672 – operating hotel rooms: 638,793
Hotels under construction: 251 – hotel rooms under construction: 65,513

Globally 3,677 new first class and luxury hotel with approximately 900,000 hotel rooms are currently in the development pipeline.

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