Hotel without guests: Show Rooms by JOI-Design developed at Hotelkompetenzzentrum in Munich

Construction of the hotel floor has begun – eleven showrooms for comfort, first class and luxury hotels

Munich, Germany – 26 June 2013 – The first permanent exhibition for hotel facilities: the construction of a “hotel without guests” has begun at Hotelkompetenzzentrum (centre of excellence for the hotel industry) in Oberschleißheim near Munich. The show floor offers eleven room types, from 3-star comfort to luxury suites, as well as a large reception area with a bar and a café, over an area of more than 960m2. The exhibition was planned in close cooperation with the internationally renowned hotel design studio JOI-Design. Saint-Gobain is involved as a premium partner for construction. The exhibition is scheduled to open in September.

“We don’t just want to explain what’s possible visually and conceptually, but rather specifically demonstrate the interaction of ideas, technology and service”, emphasises Christian Peter, founder and Managing Director of Hotelkompetenzzentrum. The hotel floor includes an extensive database of materials with the products exhibited in the various mock-ups. Even though no one will actually stay in this “show hotel”, everything is fully functional.

The show floor will be “a representative cross-section of the world of hotel facilities, constructed realistically and in full working order”, says Peter Joehnk, managing partner of JOI-Design. For example, unlike at a trade fair, visitors can test straight away whether a fitting is suitable for a washbasin or whether it’s going to spray them with water. “As can unfortunately be the case in far too many hotels because the fittings were simply bought without being tested first”, explains Joehnk. The show floor only has one of each room type. “So you can be standing in a suite that is designed for a luxury business hotel in a city, for instance, but five steps away you can be back in a Bavarian resort hotel for the whole family. And in between you can find out what’s possible and most suitable for your own hotel from one exhibition”, says Joehnk.

Innovative development: hotel room concept specifically for people who require care
With this concept, Hotelkompetenzzentrum is entering new territory with a development project for hotel rooms for people who require care, which is currently being implemented in cooperation with Prof Rudolf Schricker of the Faculty of Design at Coburg University of Applied Sciences. It involves the development of a basic concept for the technology, furnishing and design of rooms for people who require care. The ultimate objective is to present a design guideline that substantiates the principles and lines of reasoning for subsequent decisions in an assured and transparent manner. On the practical side, the end result should be a fully functional prototype of a hotel room specifically for people who require care, which is scheduled to be presented to the public in summer 2014.

Hotelkompetenzzentrum is documenting the construction progress on its website – the making of a hotel that no one will ever stay in. The latest photos of the development of the showroom floor are documented here:

Hotelkompetenzzentrum in Oberschleißheim was established as a neutral platform and adviser in all fields of the hotel and gastronomy industry. It is currently in the process of significantly expanding its services: the number of companies represented in the permanent exhibition alone will double this year from 160 to approximately 310. Creator and owner Christian Peter developed the concept of Hotelkompetenzzentrum around six years ago. Hotelkompetenzzentrum also hosts regular lectures and seminars. Furthermore, exhibitors present their products personally as part of a quarterly open day. There are also meeting rooms and offices available to rent for individual project meetings.

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