New curious hotels are planned – Visions become real hotel construction projects

Hamburg, Germany – 27th August 2013 – More new luxury hotels, crazier than ever are being built. According to TOPHOTELPROJECTS, the worldwide leading provider of global B2B hotel data, a new luxury hotel, shaped like a crooked window frame is planned in Peru. In China a “seven-star hotel” with a diamonds façade will arise and in Australia at the Great Barrier Reef a large resort for up to 100,000 diving guests is currently in the planning stage.

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The name should become program: The “Unbalanced Hotel” by the Spanish architects OOIIO near the Peruvian capital Lima should be enthroned like a slanted picture frame on the sea cliffs. Allegedly, a Latin American investor has given the order for this highly unusual hotel. The hotel will feature 125 guest rooms, restaurants and conference rooms.

In Wuhan in southern China a so-called “seven-star hotel” will be built. The property of the Wanda Hotel Group with 411 rooms on 25 floors should be as good as the best luxury hotels in the world. The design of the facade should remind us of dark sparkling diamonds. The opening is scheduled for December.

It is supposed to become a whole city: The project “Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort” in Australia should, according to the vision of a Chinese billionaire provide nine luxury hotels with a total of 3,750 rooms, 1,180 apartments and 130 villas. The area of 300 acres should further feature an international casino, a shopping center for luxury brands, a huge aquarium, as well as a sports stadium, an event center and a 18-hole golf course. The artificial city near the world famous Great Barrier Reef is expected to cost about 2.8 billion. The entrepreneur Tony Fung can now hope for a tight approval process at the Australian authorities. In the mid of next year the construction work could start and the first hotel opening is planned for 2018.

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