Colours of luxury hotels: gold, black, violet, pink and rose – New specialist book marks colour trends in hotel design – International Study of German professor of colours and JOI-Design

Hamburg, Germany – 4th September 2013 – Luxury depends on glamor and not necessarily of material glory. Luxury hotels do not need to be golden but they have to shimmer magnificently. So today’s basic colours for a luxury hotel besides gold are also black, violet, pink and rose. This is the result of an international empirical study, which the German scientist for colours Prof. Axel Venn has worked out together with the Hamburg Hotel Design Architecture JOI-Design. The results are published in the new release “Colours for Hotels” – recently published by Callwey publishing house. TOPHOTELPROJECTS, the worldwide leading provider of global B2B hotel data, introduces the most important colour trends for hotel projects.

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Always amazing: fashion colours come and go – black remains. Even in the temporary “hotel fashion” you do not go wrong, if your design is based on a velvet shimmering black.  “The large amount of black acts as a stable statement of power,” says the authors of the new colour guide “Colours for Hotels.” Prof. Axel Venn – known as “colour guru” design scientists – asked dozens ivon study participant from Europe and the Far East to draw their colour associations to emotional worlds, as well as to emotionally terms such as “delicious”, “frothy “, “spicy” or “appetizing” as well as “oriental”, multi-cultural”, “European” or “Asian”. The empirical evaluation and analysis of the colour templates formed the basis for the drafting of the “JOI-Colours”, the primary colours in the hotel design.

“The feel-good factor of a well-made hotel was analyzed, based on scientific information, for the first time” says Prof. Venn. With the design of interior spaces, the international renowned hotel designer Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk and Peter Joehnk of JOI-Design focus on comfortable mid-tones. Nevertheless key colour, tone-on-tone harmony, and quality harmony should be exactly matched. This is the difference between a pleasant colour scheme and a cool “design UFO”, said the two hotel architects.

Just as the spring sun on cloudy winter days can lift the mood, this can also be achieved with shades of yellow at home. The fuller the tone, the stronger is the glow of the yellow. In the light of fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps, it seems to be greenish. Similar to yellow also orange as wall and furniture colour can give the room an optimistic aura.

Everything red in a room we notice immediately, the colour catches your eye. It can be problematic for large-scale application: a red wall looks closer, whereas a small room seems even smaller. How much light affects a colour in its effect, which can also be demonstrated by red. If the light goes on in a red room, everything appears to have a pink glow – the “girls’ room” effect occurs.

Purple shimmers, depending on its blue or red component, between warm and cool. So it can represent dignity or even creativity, depending on the colour. Warm purple tones like aubergine or plum have a relaxing effect. The classic colour with a calming effect is blue in a strong shade such as cobalt blue.

Power and splendor, the way a luxury hotel should be seen, go hand in hand with dark colours as well as bright and pure pastel colours. A majestic black as once at the Spanish royal court is as lordly as the purple of the Roman Caesars, the green of the Russian Czar or the “Oranje” orange the Dutch kings. The European colour imprint of the “Old Continent” coupled with the promising colour associations of the Asian Tigers provide a cosmopolitan image of the design trends. If one wants to do everything right in the hotel design, one must have read “Colours of the hotels” with the colour charts and know how to apply them.

“Colours for hotels”
by Axel Venn, Janina Venn-Rosky, Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk
446 pages
Callwey (Munich/Germany)
ISBN-13: 978-3766720252

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