New Generation: new hotel guest technologies for new hotels – Check-in via smartphone – New trend at hotel openings

Hamburg, Germany – April 29, 2014 – Hotel guests technologies set new trends in hotel construction projects. More and more hotel chains set among others check-in and check-out functions at smartphones. Mobiles phone with an integrated NFC chip are able to open doors. This data has been revealed by a market study of TOPHOTELPROJECTS, the worldwide leading provider of global b2b hotel data.

NFC smartphones open doors and control room systems like in the Hotel Sky Park Central in Seoul/South Korea

NFC smartphones open doors and control room systems like in the Hotel Sky Park Central in Seoul/South Korea

Large US hotel chains such as Marriott International or Hyatt Hotels are already offering smartphone apps to book hotels and to check-in automatically. The new generation of smartphones will have an integrated so called NFC chip. Via “Near Field Communication” (NFC) those phones are able to open door locks or to process credit card billings and check-outs. “It is also possible to integrate further useful functions like the controlling of the air conditioning or the opening and closing of curtains”, knows Rolf W. Schmidt, CEO of TOPHOTELPROJECTS. In trend setting properties such as the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas those things are already possible, but currently just via a tablet on the bedside table. At the moment the distribution of smartphones with a NFC chip is not progressed far enough.

The hyper modern NFC technology is already used in the hospitality. Hyatt has room keys integrated with the new chips. If you leave the room, a lift will automatically be sent to the guest’s level. Some properties of Best Western and Nordic Choice Hotels have NFC room cards to open room doors contactless.

So called New Generation Hotels such as CitizenM or HTL by Scandic are one step ahead. With a modern hotel controlling software and data processing via cloud systems, time-consuming transactions will be more systematic and automatic i.e. you have less investment per rooms and you need less staff with higher revenue per available room. Below the line New Genration Hotels have a higher return as compared to classic properties. New Generation Hotels typically position themselves as three till four star hotels. While classic properties have a customary in trade investment of 100.000 till 170.000 Euro per room (example number), the New Generation Hotels just have to invest about 70,000 Euro per room.

But there are not „cheap hotels“. They consistently achieve top values ​​at daily rates and with an occupancy rate of often more than 90 percent. Overall, the Revpar can be about 50 percent above the average of three star hotels in the same location and 20 percent above the adjacent four-star hotels. A good New Generation Hotel needs less than 0.2 employees per room. Personnel costs are nine percent of the reveue. In the classical comparison group, there are typically 0.5 employees per room (22-25% of the revenue). “Amazingly, guests are hardly noticing that. Possible the low need of staff is primarily because of the automation and centralization of administrative functions as well as the standardization of regular processes.

The hotel of the future is controlled by a new generation of standard software. Today’s business travellers do not want to stand in a queue at the reception in the evening to check-in. Modern systems, which allow a check-in via smartphone, illustrate the path of the “Future Hotels”. On several standard services can be dispensed in the future: room service, mini bars, free parking plots and a part of the front desk staff. The needs and service requirements of smart business travellers are changing. The much-travelled hotel guest of tomorrow will book via mobile websites, will check out via smartphone and buy snacks and drinks for dinner at the hotel shop or at vending machines. As New York’s largest hotel, the 2,000 room Hilton Hotel, stopped its room service, it has been discussed plenty and controversial, but is only consequent. If no kitchen for room service is needed, the hotel will save plenty of staff costs. If there is no need to stock minibars, you will need less employees at housekeeping.

It is also possible to forgo video systems: not only in the U.S. hotel guests are watching their favourite series and movies via video-on-demand systems like Hulu, Netflick – or Watchever and Maxdome in Germany – on their laptop or tablets. Telephones in the rooms are hardly needed, by contrast of smartphone docking stations.

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