Scorpios, a modern day Agora on Mykonos

Mykonos, Greece – 2 April 2015 – Design Hotels’ ethos of connecting Communities – both hyperlocal and global – has inspired hospitality offshoots from events to clubhouses and conceptual spaces. Ever shifting in flavor and form, they bring together like-minded nomads to create and exchange. The next chapter in the evolution of social hubs takes us back to Mykonos to visit some old friends, and to make some new ones. A pristine shorefront and protected nature sanctuary on the southern tip of the Greek island will be home to a sprawling new beachside haven: Scorpios. Opening May 2015, the seaside lair encompasses 6,000 sqm with two sandy beaches (one private), a restaurant, a lounge and live event space, and ample open-air terraces spilling out into the Aegean Sea.

Scorpios, a modern day Agora on Mykonos

A culturally rich program and tactile laid-back luxury creates an intellectual space where time goes unnoticed. Design Hotels, together with Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel – the visionaries behind San Giorgio Mykonos hotel – are spearheading a new movement in sun-driven, holistic beach culture.

On a sun-drenched peninsula on Mykonos island, a weatherworn house is being transformed into a modern day agora. Part ceremonial, part cerebral celebration, Scorpios will take the mystical charge of night-time rituals into daytime, and slow it down a pace or two. The tiered property sits overlooking the wild wonder of a nature sanctuary hugged by the azure of the Aegean Sea. In a clear invitation to unwind, let go, and reconnect, a perfect mix of rural charm and understated elegance sets the tone for a stimulated sensory experience.

Scorpios, a modern day Agora on Mykonos

Heyne and Hertel (of San Giorgio Mykonos hotel renown) continue their collaboration with the design team responsible for the bohemian-luxe visual identity of San Giorgio Mykonos hotel. Stylist Annabell Kutucu and creative director Michael Schickinger of Lambs and Lions, have teamed up with award-winning architects Dimitris and Konstantinos Karampatakis of K-studio, Athens, bringing together visionary talent for a holistic design approach.

The property is situated in the south of Mykonos, on a peninsula flanked by Kavos and Paraga Beach, 5 km from the center of Mykonos Town and 3.5 km, from the airport. Public transport from Mykonos Town to Paraga is every 30 minutes.

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